• Our continual goal at the Pierre Viret Association is to translate into English as many of Pierre Viret’s works as possible. Viret's voluminous writing makes this a monumental task, and there is therefore an ongoing need for competent translators able to translate both Sixteenth Century and modern French.

  • A basic theological knowledge is a requirement for all translators.

  • Our present translators view their work as a ministry and work on a volunteer basis, seeing their gift as a calling to God and a service to the Church. We are at present unable to offer remuneration for translating services other than reimbursement for basic expenses.

  • If you are interested in in the translation of Pierre Viret's works, please contact Thomas Ertl, President, by email:


  • The Pierre Viret Association is a non-profit religious educational ministry, and welcomes charitable donations to assist in covering Association expenses as well as providing for the translation of the works of Pierre Viret.

  • The Association has filed for 501c3 tax deductible status. We anticipate approval forth coming.

  • The Association welcomes partners interested in sponsoring one or more of Viret's books. If you are interested in joining us as a sponsor, please contact the President of the Association, Thomas Ertl, at

  • Donations can be sent to the association by mail, PayPal, or credit card.

  • To donate using PayPal:

  • To donate by mail:

    Pierre Viret Association
    1607 Village Square Blvd. Ste. 4
    Tallahassee, Florida 32309, USA


  • If you are a non-profit organization and are interested in extending a charitable grant toward the works of Viret please contact us for further information on how you can help.


We at the Pierre Viret Association are extremely grateful to our partners, sponsors, and translators who support our mutual work of increasing the awareness of Pierre Viret and of assisting in the translation of his books. We also acknowledge that we cannot achieve our goals without the help and labors of our many friends.

The Pierre Viret Association sees its work as a benefit to future generations who will seek to apply Holy Scripture to every area of life and thought, with the high call of extending Christ's Kingdom to the ends of the earth.

With God’s Blessings,

Thomas Ertl, President

Lausanne Cathedral
Lausanne, Switzerland

Books Available

Pierre Viret The Angel of the Reformation by R.A. Sheats

Pierre Viret by Jean-Marc Berthoud