Pierre Viret Association is a non-profit religious educational ministry.


Our purpose & mission is to serve the Church, bringing awareness to the life, ministry and theological works of the Sixteenth Century reformer, Pierre Viret, including the translation and the publishing of Viret’s many books.


Below are two quotes that summarize our passion at the Pierre Viret Association to translate the works of the great Reformer.

One notices here a vast scholarship, a surprising literature, an exact knowledge of all sacred and secular antiquity, Greek and Latin, containing the most beautiful, and the most curious, a profound knowledge of the Bible and theology. He was a person in French-speaking Switzerland of whom there was no equal, and if his works began to be reprinted, they would be read with fruit and pleasure by all learned people, and all those of good taste.

- Abraham Ruchat, Reformed French Historian (1678-1750)

I will draw my conclusion from Viret’s own writings… that Pierre Viret can without hesitation, not only be considered one of the greatest (and most ignored) figures in the history of the Reformation, but also of the whole Christian Church.

– Jean-Marc Berthoud, Reformed Swiss Theologian (1939-present)


The first century was a critical period in the history of the early Church. In the West God had providentially prepared the circumstances necessary for the advancement of the Church by giving the Romans a desire to build an international road system, and the Greeks a common language.

A similar providence seems to have appeared in our own time: the world's embracing of the language of commerce, English. Thus is seen the importance of translating key theological books into English, the language of the world.

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Books Available

Pierre Viret The Angel of the Reformation by R.A. Sheats

Pierre Viret by Jean-Marc Berthoud